Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Regularly Do I Need to Brush and Floss My Teeth and Why?

When we are children that's one of the first things our parents teach us: to brush our teeth – it's actually one of the first “health habits” we are taught as kids. To brush your teeth is most elementary and effective way to take care of your teeth and to have them and your gums healthy for life. But it needs to be a habit – it needs to be something you do every day of your life, even if you like or not.

It's fascinating how regularly adults let their tooth brushing to pass away. Or they just forget which one is the right technique to brush them, or how many times they should do it.

Do you have any idea how many times a day do you have to brush your teeth? Take this quiz now to find out...

Woman Brushing
People need to brush their teeth:
  1. At least once a week
  2. Every day - in the morning
  3. Every day - at night
  4. Every day, but only after lunch
  5. Every day – twice a day – at night and in the morning
The right answer for that is: e!