Monday, December 14, 2015

Don't wait.

I had a patient come in with a bad toothache. She told me that a filling had fallen out of her tooth about two years ago but since she did not have dental insurance she did not have it treated at that time.  The tooth continued to decay and at the time she finally came to see me in order to save the tooth she would need a root canal and a crown. Now that she had dental insurance she would "only" have to come up with about $1200.00 with insurance covering the other $1200.00. Sounds great, doesn't it? The problem is that if she had the filling replaced when it first come out, it would have cost her about $300.00 without any insurance. So waiting to have dental insurance will cost her an additional $900.00. My point is don't wait to have treatment done. Teeth problems do not get better on their own. They only get worse and more expensive.