Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dental Implants, the Solution for Missing Teeth!

Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss, thanks to the many advances in dentistry; dental implants have become one of the best options to replace missing teeth. Here at Sea Cliff Dental, our dentist in Huntington Beach, CA, specializes in implant dentistry

There are a few reasons why dental implants are becoming a good and natural way to replace missing teeth and are the preferred choice of our dentists:

  • Enjoy what you eat. With dental implants you can easily chew your food just like with natural teeth.
  • Long Duration. Dental implants could last forever with excellent care.
  • Comfortably use. Forget about removing your dentures and using adhesives to put them in place.
  • Feel better about yourself. Dental implants will help you recover your beautiful smile and confidence, they look and feel like your own teeth and allow you to speak without worrying about slippery dentures.
  • Oral Health Improvement. They eliminate irritated and painful gums, because they are individually placed so you can have easier access between your teeth and improve your oral hygiene.
  • Esthetic. Dental implants look more esthetic than dentures in the way they look, feel and function like natural teeth.
Here are other facts that our dentist in Huntington Beach would like you to keep in mind about dental implants:

They are not instantaneous. Dental Implants are not a short and routine dental procedure. The process could take up more than 12 months, starting when the implant is fixed into your jaw bone, then an “abutment” (a small connector) is added to the implant in your jawbone, and finally the replacement is added on top. Our skilled dentist in Huntington Beach value your time and investment, and always look to make this kind of process the shortest and most affordable possible.

You need to consult with your insurance before getting dental implants. Many insurance plans don't cover dental implants. Talk with our administrative staff in our dental office located in Huntington Beach to evaluate all the available alternatives to pay for dental implants.

Before obtaining Dental Implants, you must get your overall health checked. Good candidates for dental implants are those healthy enough for basic dental work such as cleanings and routine procedures. They might not be recommended for: people with at least one of the following aspects:

1.  Chronic health conditions
2.  Excessive smokers 
3.  People with recent radiation treatment to the head and neck region.
4.  At our cosmetic dentist's office located in Huntington Beach we do a complete evaluation of our patients before doing this procedure. 

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